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All the top news from the German Bundesliga at a glance: fixtures, results, clubs, players and much more.

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Welcome to Germany!

Germany lies in the heart of Europe. For Germans, it is both their homeland and their native country. But they are not alone in feeling strong ties to Germany. There are people with German roots living in North and South America, in southern Africa, in Australia. Emigrants drawn by a love of adventure and the prospect of new opportunities in far-off lands who at the same time do not wish to lose contact with their homeland. Germans who, for professional reasons, leave their native country for a number of years. Members of German minorities living in central and eastern Europe, in Russia, and other countries. Retirees who have moved to Spain or Turkey. People throughout the world who are interested in the "land of poets and philosophers".

This website is for you, the "Friends of Germany". We look forward to familiarizing you with Germany and its people, culture, festivals and traditions, introducing you to German companies, providing you with information on study opportunities and visitor formalities, and offering travel and book tips. All this and more, including German and Spanish language versions of this website. Welcome to Germany!