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German Cuisine


Specialities from German include juicy roast pork or beef with boiled potatoes or dumplings, red or sour cabbage (Sauerkraut), knuckle of pork (So-called “Eisbeine” are a Berlin speciality), breaded escalope (Schnitzel), beef roulade, beef braised in vinegar, brussel sprouts, “Strammer Max” (Bread covered in ham and fried egg), “Hackepeter” (A form of meatloaf made with fresh, raw minced-meat), many different types of sausages, “Schlachteplatte” (warm blood and liver sausage with boiled pork), dark bread and many different types of bread rolls which in the south are known as “Semmeln” and in Berlin as “Schrippen”.

Potatoes fried in caraway oil are well loved as well as other potato dishes: Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel is known to enjoy potato soup. The spring is the season of asparagus which is grown in the regions of Brandenburg, Münster and Frankonia. Germans are known to enjoy fish such as carp, trout, pikeperch, smoked pike, small, smoked, saltwater sprats known as “Kieler Sprotten” and salted herrings. Coffee is enjoyed with cake, either with or without whipped cream, or gateaux such as the well known Black Forest Gateau. “Dresdener Stollen”, a loaf made with heavy yeast dough and mixed with fruit and almonds, is often brought out at Christmas time.

There are also a number of regional specialities. Bavaria is known for its “Weißwürste” (White sausages, which are filled with veal in a natural skin and then heated in water) and “Leberkäse” (A speciality made with beef and pork sausage meat which despite translating as “liver cheese” has nothing to do with either liver or cheese!). South West Germany is known for its “Schnupfnudeln” (Finger-size pasta made with potato dough) and “Flammenkuchen” (Thin yeast-dough covered with onions, bacon and sour cream). Side dishes include noodles made with flour, eggs and salt and pasta prepared in water. “Pfälzer Saumagen”, a pig’s stomach filled with a mixture of minced pork, sausage meat and potatoes from western Germany, is well known for being the favourite meal of former Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.

Frankfurter Grüne Soße a well known sauce from Hesse, is made with seven different types of herbs. A vegetable dish known as “Leipziger Allerlei” comes from Saxony and Spreewälder Gurken (Pickled gherkins) are a Brandenburg speciality which are protected by EU regulations. North Germany is also known for its hearty cooking. There, particularly in winter, people enjoy such dishes as kale with a small, spicy sausage known as Pinkel or a pink-coloured creamy mixture consisting of salted meat and potatoes called Labskaus.

Sausages are loved everywhere. Snack stands sell Bockwurst (boiled sausage) with mustard and bread rolls, long Wiener sausages, Nürnenburger or Thüringer Bratwurst (Grilled sausage) and, particularly in Berlin, Currywurst (A grilled sausage cut into chunks and then covered in a spicy tomato ketchup and curry powder). Another favourite are patties made with minced-meat known as Frikadellen in most parts of the country and in Berlin as Bulletten.